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Bra Fitting - How to find your right bra size FYI Style

If your clothing doesn’t fit well, it may be a bra issue. Below, I show two methods for measuring. I prefer method #1. Either method likely will result in a more accurate size than what you are currently wearing.  (You will need a soft measuring tape.)

Measure Accurately

Remove your bra for accurate measurements. If your breasts hang or sag, it may be easier to have someone assist you so that you can prop up your breasts while measuring. If necessary, take the measurements with a bra on.

Determine Bra Band Size

Use a soft measuring tape. Measure your torso around your body just below the breasts while keeping the tape flat and level. It should feel snug. In most cases, the number should be rounded up to an even number; e.g., 33” up to 34”. Exception: if the measurement is a half size such as, 32 ½” round down to 32”. Bras should feel snug but not too tight on the LOOSEST hook. As the bra stretches from wear, move hooks tighter to maintain a higher level of support. The correct band size is crucial for support.

Determine Bra Cup Size - Method #1

Measure each breast separately. Begin underneath the center of your breast and measure up to the center of the nipple. Use the chart below to determine what size cup you wear. Typically one breast is larger than the other so use the larger of the two sizes to determine your bra cup size.Example: If you measure 3” on one side and 4” on the other side, your cup size is D.

Determine Bra Cup Size - Method #2

Measure your nipples across the widest part of your breasts. Round this measurement up if it falls between two numbers.  For example, if you measure 41 ½”, round up to 42”. Now, subtract the band measurement from the cup measurement. If the band measurement is 32” and the bust measurement is 42”, the difference between 42 and 32 is 10.  According to the conversion chart below, 10 = J, so the complete bra size is 32J -- the band size is 32, and the cup size is J.

Bra Cup Size Chart: each number represents a cup size, as indicated.

1 = A

3 = C

5 = DD (E)

7 = G

9 = I

2 = B

4 = D

 6 = F (DDD)

8 = H

10 = J

Different brands and bra styles fit differently. If you are planning to shop for a new bra, set aside several hours and wear easy-on, easy-off clothing. Better yet, plan a shopping trip with Michèle and save hours of time and frustration. Contact me for guided shopping trips and in-home wardrobe/image consultations.

Michèle McGhee, Personal Style Coach, Sacramento & Northern CA

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